Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Shoe Me!

SHOES! I love them. I can't afford to buy many of them. But I love them. ALOT. Boots, stiletto's, ballet flats, and heels. Especially heels. According to somebody that shall remain nameless, you can't buy happiness, you can only buy fun. What does he know?!?!? HE'S. A. BOY. Yes, shoes. They are my friend.

Apparently, this passion for foot wear is an inherited gene that works its way down from generation to generation of women. As my mom passed down this gene to me, it seems I have done my feminine duty and passed it down to my female offspring as well.

We recently purchased Perri's shoes for the spring and summer season. We might need an intervention soon because she is seriously obsessed with her new duds. We have to try them on at least 3 times a day, you know, "just to make sure they still fit". And speaking of fit, she is having one because I won't let her put them in her closet yet. We haven't cleaned out Fall/winter stuff because the weather here can't decide if it wants to be summer or snowing. (The kids have tee-tiny closets and we can only fit one season of clothes at a time in there.)

I have taught her well, though, because she also insists on keeping them in their boxes so they stay nice longer. (I need a tissue. Proud tears on the verge of spilling over.) You, Go, Baby!!!

Wanna guess which ones are her favorite?


(Disclaimer - No, I don't really believe money can buy happiness. But, it can buy a really great pair of shoes that make you down right giddy!)


Amber said...

SO cute!! My oldest, Maddison, is so frustrating when it comes to shoes. She loves them, but wants to wear high heels, platforms, anything divalicious! When it comes to "normal" shoes, she's such a pain!

Saylor loves shoes. ANY and EVERY shoe. She walks around in my high heels, and she's not even 2 yet!

Thanks for the comment yesterday! Some call it bravery, some call it stupidity. Ya know, which ever way you wanna see it. :)

And thanks for the thoughts & prayers yesterday, it was not as hard as I thought. Of course, that could have been b/c of all the wonderful people thinking & praying.

Kaye said...

Ah... shoes! Now I know that Kat must get it from both sides of the family. She's a shoeaholic! Great pictures! Cherish them!