Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Videos

I thought it might be fun to pull out a video from my home collection to show you on this luverly Friday evening. I realized two things after watching this clip from three years ago.

1. I may possibly be a bad mommy.

Have you ever watched AFV (America's Funniest Videos.) My kids LOVE this show so it has become a tradition to watch it Sunday nights while eating our Sunday special, spaghetti. Every episode there is always at least one video where some kid inevitably either falls off a bike and gets caught in between the wheel and it's cover, trips over a brother and lands face first in the Christmas tree, or slips while pirouetting on the frozen lake for the camera and busts his you-know-what. I am bewildered by the parents who just sit there and laugh (all the while never taking the camera off the tragedy) all the while their child is suffering and screaming for help. Terrible isn't it? (Clearing throat...) I would never do that.

2. OK, maybe after three kids you learn how resilient they really are.

If this had happened after just having our first baby, Daylor. You would have heard the camcorder hit the pavement all the while still recording the dash of feet to the pool to "rescue" our drowning baby. We would have rushed him still clad in a dripping wet swimsuit and towel to the nearest ER, and insisted that they run every EKG, MRI, and WXY&Z there was available. Only after the doctor and a second opinion doctor assured us he was fine, we would have driven home and sat vigil by his bedside to be sure he was still breathing for the next week.

If it had been our second baby, Duglin, we would have rushed over to the pool, but this time we probably wouldn't have dropped the camera. (We probably would have shut it off.) We would have pulled him out of the pool and made sure he was OK. After holding him for about an hour, we would pat his little toosh and send him on his merry little way back to the kiddie pool with arm floaties on.

Well, poor Perri, we learned after the first two to let them go and just keep a watchful eye for serious emergencies. Oh, and to continue to video and laugh at their expense. (See point #1.)


Amber said...

Awww, so cute! I agree, sister. Things definitely change with each kid! Cute video. :)

Amy said...

LOL!!Loved your video, and I have to confess I, Amy, am a demented parent.
I confess.
I am!