Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing Like There Snow Tomorrow..and Other Stuff

Duglin got a fabulous late winter birthday surprise last week! It snowed. ALOT. It doesn't really snow that much here where we live. We might get a couple of dusting's every season but usually it's here today and gone tomorrow.

It started snowing around noon and didn't stop until 6: 00 the next morning. 12 inches later we had ourselves a winter wonderland! We actually had a drift or two that was 2 ft! That's huge for us! We bundled the kids up, I armed my self with the camera, and we all headed outside for some birthday snow fun!

Duglin always like to do things a little "differently" - wears his clothes backwards and inside out, eats with the wrong end of a spoon, dips his carrots in ice cream. Here, he is making a "belly-flop" face down snow angel. I just love that kid!

WE have a couple of great hills in our backyard that make for sledding fun. We didn't have a sled so we used the top of the turtle sandbox. They LOVED that! Our rat terrier, Harmini was having a ball, too!

We all had a such a blast. Well, maybe with the exception of...

I am not sure what is more sad, the fact that Sundae's tail is so far between her legs that it nearly froze to her belly, or that I made her wear a coat. Poor baby!

Isn't he gorgeous?!
Duglin had a wonderful birthday party! The cake turned out cute and I had minimal green food coloring under my fingernails. We had a military theme this year.

In Duglin fashion, gift opening time went much like this.

AAAAAAAAAAnd, we're done.

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