Friday, April 3, 2009

Getcha Motors Runnin'!

***B.L.O.P. Alert! (Boat Load-O-Photos)***

Take a big breathe in and smell that? It's the fragrance of spring in full bloom. I love this time of year, even if we all sneeze and itch and sniffle (that's what Zyrtec is for.)

My fab. in-laws asked us awhile back if it was OK if they bought a motorized scooter for the kids to ride on their 2 acre lot. After debating back and forth whether or not we were up to several visits to the E.R., we decided it wouldn't be to bad to use our sucky insurance now and then and agreed to let them purchase it. We took the kids over to let them try out the "Red Dart," as named by the kids. To my relief, I found out it only goes a few miles an hour and we have restricted it's use to the lot and and grass areas of their grandparents house.

Da Hubby, of course, had to "try it out" to make sure it was safe for the kids to ride. (Yeah, that's what he was doing.)

He's such a little boy when he wants to be! Poppin' wheelie's on a scooter. (Eyes rolling.) I love that about him.

Daylor took immediately to it and had a ball zipping around the backyard.

Then there was my Duglin, poor little dude could hardly put his feet down on the ground and well, had a few spills. Papaw and Da Hubby took a few tumbles with him. I needed a defibrillator to start my heart back a few times, but other than that everyone was OK. He got right back up and hopped back on. He's no quitter! Da Hubby rode with him after that at my nagging, um, request.

Duglin's bumped cheeky. It got lots of kisses.

Perri had little to no interest in the scooter and just did her Perri thing, skipping around the back yard picking all the pink flowers.

I have to admit it is pretty fun! How do I know? Hmmm...

It is these sweet, precious moment with our families that I pray my little ones remember. The fragrance of spring always reminds me of being at my grandparents house with all their azaleas in full bloom. Our kids are blessed to have both sets of grandparents to enjoy and be with. Such wonderful memories to cherish forever...

Look at those lips!! No Botox here, baby!!!!

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Amy said...


I will be right over.. gonna get my helmet and... lol!!

What a blast! I hear what you are saying.. I pray the same of my kids.. that they remember those kinds of memories.. :)

Happy Friday! Amy