Monday, April 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Reflection

I ♥ Faces theme this week is "Reflection" as in the mirror image kind. I thought this could be an easy, fun challenge. I was wrong! I struggled with this theme more than I thought I would. I decided to do something little different this week. Typically my photos turn out bright and cheery, but this one is somewhat dark and somber. I thought maybe it would be interesting to mix things up a little and try to think "outside the box."

This shot reflects my oldest son, Daylor's serious side very well. I chose to use an empty picture frame with a black background for his reflection. It amazed me how well the reflection actually came out.

Head on over to I ♥ Faces to see other's rendition of this theme and be brave and enter your own!


Erin Jones said...

He looks so sad! But what a creative idea to get a reflection.

Alicia said...

Great shot! Your family is so beautiful.

American in Norway said...

beautiful shot! I like the empty frame... he looks like a deep thinker. you have a beautiful family!

Becca said...

This really did turn out great! :-) I love it - such a cool frame and great capture!

Amy said...

Gorgeous shot, Sonya! Love it love it love it....

Can't wait until I can get my hands on one of them fancy camera's like yours. woo hoo!!

Hey, just wanted to gab a little more about worship... sorry for the delay. Girl, life and God are so crazy interesting at times...and woo hoo, have we just had a HUGE switch and change in ours. I have been just trying to understand, wait, and see what He is going to do with it all. Very very interesting...

Anywho, worship... yes yes yes..mmm.. mmm.. mmmm... loved all that you shared about how Jesus brought you to were you are today! I loved it all! Thankyou for sharing all that.. it's so neat to see the golden thread, of how the Father leads us isn't it? His fingerprints are all over the place in our lives. Loved that he provided a beautiful example of a life lived out loud through Sparrow. What a fun name! And what an incredible gift to you.

Sounds like you are in such an incredible place too... as the vocal director. So great, Sonya! I have not been in a church where we have had the opportunity to have a vocal director, but what a gift that would be to have someone who is gifted in vocals, take the reigns and train up the vocals. Woo hoo, girl! That is beautiful! I love that! And it is never to late to learn to play guitar or piano or whatever.... you go girl! You keep on keepin' on!!

Just a nutshell story on how I got started. My dad began pioneered a little church way back when I was 8 years old. And I had been taking piano lessons, as well as my oldest sister and little brother. And my dad needed a worship team.. and we didn't have a piano.. we had an organ.. soooo off I went to learn how to play the organ. My sister also played the guitar. And so the story begins.

I played the organ for years, and would sing a little bit of background vocals for my dad ( who lead the worship). Then as time went on, we were able to purchase a piano, and drums, and keyboard.. all that good stuff. So I started playing the piano instead of the organ for my dad... right up until I was about 15. Then one day, my dad had the fabulous idea, that I should start leading worship instead of him.... his throat was starting to pay the price after all the years of leading and preaching... and so, ((shove)) the Lord literally pushed me into the position of worship leader.

So, at 16 I started to lead vocally on the piano. Scared to death!! I started scrambling to be mentored... bought any tape I could find.. Keith Green, Kent Henry, Hosanna Integrity, Vineyard... ANYTHING to learn how to lead effectively and bring something fresh. Did that for about a year.. noticed my voice was starting to get horse... so I took a couple semester's of vocal training. Best thing I could ever do!!! Seriously!

Ok.. this comment is seriously long... so let me try and condense... a friend saw my struggle in this new role, had pitty on me and introduced me to a worship leader that had been leading for almost 10 years or so... his name was Bobby ;) He became a HUGE mentor to me, and we were friends and did different events together, hung out with alot of the same friends... and after being friends for about 6 years, we started courting and got married :)

Soooo I transferred from my dad's little itty bitty church to my hubby's great big church... We have lead there together for the past 10 years. I have also gotten to lead for different ladies retreats and events, and different conferences. Just wherever He wants to use me, I want to go!

It has been just recently that Bobby was let go because of the church's great financial struggles. Hardest thing in the world... hardest.

We are in transition now.. honestly wondering if my hubby is coming into a season of rest for a time. He is pretty toasty, and by that I mean burnt out. We will see tho. We were thinking that this opportunity in Colorado was the Lord, but it is turning out waaaaaay different... and looking like God is closing that door.
But God knows. He is the author of it all.

Ok... gonna close this HUGE note!


Hugs.. Amy

kris said...

love this! you need to give me lessons this summer, i have no idea how to use my fancy schmancy camera, lol!