Sunday, April 19, 2009

He's Mine...Hands off!

Just want to share something going on around my neck-o-the-woods. Lately, I been noticing a slight change in his behavior. I guess I should have seen it coming, after all, he has such a loving and funny personality. He naturally attracts people. Recently, I caught him at church watching her. When he saw me following his gaze to her, he looked embarrassed and kept walking.

I'm hurt and devastated I'm no longer his only one. I mean, I guess with those beautiful, blue eyes he was going to be hard to keep as exclusively mine. sigh.....

Yes, there's another woman...a girlfriend.

What does he see in her? OK, sure, she's naturally blond, smaller than me, but I definitely have her in the height and cooking capabilities areas.

Oh, and then there's the age thing. Apparently, he likes the "younger" models. Friends have warned me about this, but really I just didn't this one coming.

And the saddest thing of all is he actually admitted to me that he likes her!!! In fact, he even goes as far as to say that she is his "girlfriend". Seriously!!?!? And apparently, she likes him, too. Doesn't she know that he belongs to me!?!

OK, I know that they have a tendency to get eyes for other women, but seriously! He's 7! He's only supposed to love his mommy!!! The nerve!

So now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go pack my bags now and head for the Land of Denial.

He's mine, Mine, MINE! And she can't have him! Well, at least until he's 35.


Amy said...

Gasp.....ouchie for the momma's heart... and I am NOT even thinking of any of this.. nope nope nope...

sigh.... my little Handsome has told me he is never leaving home, and wants to be my boy forever.. and, so.. uh... we are loving that.. and it is going to stay this way forever and ever... because when he turns 11, I will be locking him up until he is at least 30...yep!

See ya, I am going to be over here in the land of denial also... yep!

maribeth said...

oh, so sad! i'm sorry! i definitely don't look forward to that day!