Monday, April 6, 2009

Martha Mondays

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy doing crafts? I used to do them obsessively before the kidos came to be, but found I had little time for do them when babies arrived. Or maybe it was I just didn't want to fight the hands that wanted to "help." hmmm... Either way, I put my crafting cravings away for awhile to raise some youngin's.

Now that my little ones are a bit older, I have joined up with a Monday night group with other fabulous moms who strangely enough all have kids 2 years and younger (I don't know how they do it!) to form a crafting circle. We have some amazingly crafty and creative people in the group. I love to craft, but I am definitely a copy cat! These ladies are down-right Crafting Queens! They inspire me and make me laugh!
I have made some really fun a kewl stuff in our circle like this

and this

and most recently this.

Jennifer and Maribeth in the group came up with a the great idea of having a crafting blog where we share the projects birthed from our circle. We also give instructions on how they were done, give ya lots of pictures, and lists of what cha' need and where to get it! Fun!!

So, go check out the craftiness at Martha Mondays , our new blog!! Keep checking back for some awesome ideas and feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or whatever!!! Hope you enjoy!


maribeth said...

you are so sweet! and the frame looks great!

Jennie said...

I'll go check it out...and craft vicariously through you!