Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Mmmmmm. I love this time of year. The weather is soooo amazingly wonderful. The air smells sweet and fresh. The festivals come to town with all their stuff that I really need. OK, well, not need, but want. The pumpkins come out in great force and the hayrides begin! At our house, this time of year brings MULTIPLE birthday's and parties, MULTIPLE children's clothing sales, and a really, really tight pocketbook. That's OK, though. Somehow, every year our Provider makes ends meet.

I have great memories of fall: tons of bonfires and marshmallow roasts, youth retreats in the middle of nowhere, going camping with my grandparents and my bestest friend and cousin, Hope, homecoming dances. It was a blast! Right now, I am looking forward to watching the trees start to change their wardrobes. It won't be long and the streets and yard will be blanketed with crimson and ocre (I love that word, ocre!) leaves. So much change, and yet, so much beauty.

I hope you all enjoy this autumn season and remember that there will be many seasons of change in our lives. However, God always remains who HE was, who HE is, and who He forever will be.

Happy Fall, ya'll!!!

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