Friday, September 5, 2008

Hair-dee, Hair, Hair, Hair!!!

Have you ever stared at the word "hair" for a long time? It's actually really goofy looking. On that hand, any word you focus on for a period of time starts to look bizarre. Bizarre, that's a really....bizarre looking word. ANYWAY, I'm back now!

When we parted yesterday, I was explaining my "situation" with Duglin's new mullet. I mean, don't get me wrong, the mullet had it's time and place. Granted that time and place was over a decade ago, but it did have it's moment in the spotlight. Let's take a walk down Memory Lane, shall we? I mean, lots of famous and influential people have at one point in their lives had a mullet. Of course, probably the most famous mullet in the world has to be Billy Ray Cyrus. He was alright, but lets think about some folks that really made a difference. People who changed the course of history and forever imprinted their blatant mulletness into the very core of beings. People like this. Yes, welcome to his world!

Lots of musically talented people had mullets. Among others, there was Jon Bon Jovi , Steve Perry of Journey (my fav!), Richard Marx, and Rush's Getty Lee . BUT, did you know this guy had one? In fact, I'd say he wins the prize for the most renditions of the mullet.

Then we could talk about these memorable and ground-breaking do's (and don't's) from 80's television. Remember this guy? And even chick's got in on the trend. Wow, I feel so old now! I hope you enjoyed our little time machine back. Just a minute while I take my Geritol now.

Honestly, the list could go on and on, but I say all this make the point that the mullet is over and done. OK, well, almost done. I have to show you one more picture. I just can't help not to. I want to protect and inform you as to what can happen to families if and when infected by the dangerous and nasty illness that is "Mullet." Prepare yourselves....

You don't know how much it pains me to put this atrocious picture on my pretty little blog, but I will sacrifice it's cuteness just to make sure you understand and protect yourself and family from this tragedy.

Now, as we had learned earlier, Duglin had contracted a "Mullet-Bug" day before yesterday when a haircut went terribly wrong. I immediately called my good friend and miracle worker, Jana at Studio Larue. Bless her heart, she's amazing. I pretty much get a new hairstyle every year. Guys, haircuts for me are MAJOR occasions for her because they require usually 4-6 hours of work on her part. I have GREAT BIG hair, but she always does an amazing job and I knew she could heal my baby boy.

Praise God (seriously), we are completely mullet-free again in our house and here is Jana's handiwork.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during this time. BTW, did I mention Dewayne had a mullet when we got married?


Jodie said...

what's wrong with a mullet? business in the front, party in the back-- it's the all occasion hair cut! ha ha!!!

Kelly said...

Hey Sonya!

i found your blog through the tillman's blog. your family is precious. i laughed about the mullet problem. ava, our youngest, is in that phase now where her her is growing out and she definitely has a mullet. the only thing that keeps it from looking less mulletty is a bow. we never leave home without it!

Kelly Stockdale

Sparrow said...

Ahhhh! Mullet free! But just in case you didn't get enough....

jennifer said...

oh. what a relief! so much better!!!

Sparrow said...

Here's one for ya!