Monday, September 8, 2008


I have come to a conclusion. My life is boring. But not in a bad way. In a happy, relaxed, and peaceful kind of way, ya know? I hear so many people with family members and kids who are so sick and hurting and my heart totally breaks for their stress and uncertainty. So many homes in disarray because of divorce or separation. I'm so, so grateful for where I am in my life today. That's certainly not to say it could all disappear in a moments notice, but this very second, at this very moment, in my quiet and sleepy home, where my precious little ones are tucked in their beds and my amazing husband is upstairs working, I can say all is right.

It's not always this way. In fact, probably more times than not I can feel my world spinning out of control and I'm grasping for my Father's hand to pull me out of whatever I chose to put myself in that day. I think that's why moments like this really stand out for me. It's when I hear that ever gentle voice softly whispering a reminder, "I am always here, now and when the world is falling in around you. If you choose to quiet yourself in those moments you will hear me then, too." I love Him so. He way more patient with me than He should be.

I forget. I forget that the God who gives these tranquil moments is also the God whom calms the storms of chaos and gentles the waves of fear that grasp me sometimes. His voice is always perfectly loving and inviting. I just have to quiet down for a moment and listen........yes, there it is, singing gently in my ear.

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