Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vivaaa, Oh, Vivaaaaaa, NashVegaaaaaas!

Whew! It seems like forever since my last post! I had envisioned long and frequent posts this summer, but apparently that ain't gonna happen. We have been so busy, busy!

We had a nasty, yucky storm here on Friday. Lots trees and power lines down, but gratefully no one was hurt. Lots of people are just now getting their power back. We lost ours for several hours, but were one of the lucky ones to get it back so soon.

On a happier note, I spent a wonderful weekend with my bestest bud and cousin in Nashville. I packed my oldest youngin' and myself up headed over there on Saturday morning. Although we just mainly trashed hung around the house, we had such a wonderful time just being together. Her precious hubby kindly watched the myriad of boys (she has three + mine) Saturday night so we could go out and have some girl time. We laughed 'til we cried, ate a fabulous dinner, and almost got thrown out of a movie theater. What more could ya ask for? She is truly the best friend I will ever have and we're related! Life is good!

She's going to kill me for putting this picture up, but whatevah... She's gorgeous! She can deal with it. :)

Her boys are so adorable, too!

This is her oldest, F. He and Perri and exactly 2 weeks apart in age. We laugh because he and Daylor are so similar in personality - very careful thinkers and big helpers to mom!

Such a great looking kido!

This is her 2nd little boy, J. Carbon copy of Duglin. Gets into everything. Never stops for a moment. So very, very loving.

Can't you just see the rascal in his eyes. Love him!

This little dude is the adorable V. He's a precious one. I had the privilege of watching him be born. Such a sweet little angel. And Oh. My.Word. The child has got some hair!! He's just a year old and has already had at least five haircuts! He's got that surfer dude look goin' on.

Couldn't you just eat him? And he's quite the oral child, as you can see above...

And here...

And here...

On Sunday after church, we took the boys to a beautiful walking area in the neighbor and let them run off some pent up energy. Around the perimeter of the walking trail was a natural stream like looked like something straight out of a scene from Narnia. So pretty...

I could have spent the entire day there making pictures. The dudes had a great time just running, playing on some stepping stones, and skipping rocks. The mama's had a great time chatting it up with little, OK, alot of interruptions, but whose counting? It was still a wonderful afternoon.

We headed home Sunday evening accompanied by a gorgeous sunset, bagillions of lightning bugs, and a suitcase full of dirty laundry.

I wish we could have had more time with the cousins, but the time we spent was so sweet and as always, full of memories of "growing up together."

Love you, girl! Thanks for a wonderful stay!

OK, sorry. Just had to show you one last photo of V. It's only fair that you get to see him in all his cuteness with out a washcloth, alligator, or cookie blocking his little kissy lips.


Amy said...

Oh I loved all your pics! Felt like I was with ya! What beauty! Nashville is such a beautiful city, and to spend it with someone so special, sounds divine!
Hope you came home filled and refreshed...:)

Hugs.. Amy

Hope said...

LOVED everything! Made me laugh and cry! Thank you for coming and spending time with us...you are the best! You haven't been waving your "stick" around, have you? Send me some of those pics. They're precious! Love you, girl!