Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Look?

OK, so I have been wanting to change things up a bit and try a new look for awhile. I have had the same wonderful stylist for almost 20 years, but was brave and decided to try a much younger girl thinking she might could really bring my "do" up to date.

I just wanted your opinion of her amazing work. Whaduya think?

Perri, my 5 year old, hip stylist for the day says, and I quote, "Mommy, you's looks Fab-U-Less."
I do, don't I?


Amy said...

Daaaarling, you look marvelous!

Don't change a thing! It's art... simply art!

Great job to your sweetie girl!

Hugs.. Amy

me said...

i had a similar 'do this morning. it must be all the rage!

Amy said...

Hi my friend!! WAs thinking about ya and wonderin' how you were just today!

I have to get your email, so we can just chat over that.. and not have comment back and forth on each other's! Or are ya on Facebook? If you click on my profile pic, you will see my email on that first profile page.. email me, ya cute woman you!

Ok, soooo... you asked about the pictures I took.. you know I used my Photoshop to soften those up.. don't know what I would do without my PS! seriously be lost!

How is worship goin?? Was listening to Hillsong United's new CD... Brooke Fraser is leading on one of the songs.. she is one of my favorite female worship leaders, and there is a song on there called, "Soon"... mmmm, it is just the neatest song! If you youtube search for that song, you will find it.. it's so so great! Makes me cry everytime.. probably just the season I am in, I really need reminders that there is a greater prize at the end of the race:)

Hugs.. and hope to talk more!


jennifer said...

so pretty...