Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garage Sale Mania

Remember this post? Specifically, the part about having a garage sale? As much as I hate hosting them, I LOVE to shop at them. Mom, my fav. shopping partner, and I hit the pavement bright and early last Saturday morning to find some seriously good deals. I thought I would share a few of my finds with you.

Garage sales can be exhausting, I suppose, because you have to be willing to look at a lot of junk to get to the good stuff. I don't mind so much because I typically walk away with a few really kewl items that are worth the hunting. This time around Mom found an great deal on a brand new never used expresso machine for $4.00. We came home and found it on line for $50.00. Saa-weeet!

We literally came home with a backseat full of stuff. Got this cute little night-light lamp for a dollar. Not really sure where I am going to put it yet, but I am positive I needed it. :)

This sweet, little frame - $.10. I have this thing for black frames right now. Since my tastes are subject to change within minutes, I thought I would be safe paying a dime for it and not feel bad tossing it if I hated it tomorrow. But I didn't hate tomorrow - I still think it's cute!

I love this little jobber. I plan in painting the base black, distressing it and putting something nifty in it like lemons or limes in the summer and glass ball ornaments at Christmas. And yes, it does say $.50. Great deal, huh!?!?! HeHe...she gave it to me for quarter. I know!! Seriously!

Here's a great shopping tip for you when garaging sale-ing. When you are ready to purchase something, never offer the seller the price you want to pay first when bargaining. Start by asking the seller if they would give you a deal on the item. Sometimes, they will offer it to you for a lower price than even you would ask for. That way, if the price they offer you is not low enough for your liking, you can counter offer. That's what happened here. I asked her how much of a deal she could give me for it and she quoted me $.25. Woo- Who! Bargains make me happy!

I've got big plans for this little shelf I found. My mom gives Perri a tea cup and saucer set every year for her birthday. We have no place to display them and I have been refusing to buy the cute, white, wall shelves at Target that cost $12-19. (I know, I am cheap.) So, I found this shelf complete with a groove for the saucer to be able to stand upright. It had tacky, country-ish, little pegs that my strong hubby has already pulled out for me. I am going to buy some cute little pulls to replace those with and paint the whole thing-a-majig white (and distress it, of course!). I'll show you the finished product soon! It's going to be adorable in Perri's room. Oh, I paid $1.00 for this.

OK, so I went back and forth on whether to purchase this rod iron candle lantern. I am NOT an interior designer and tend to struggle decorating my home. I am not sure why this is but I tend to buy a lot of candles and candle holders. I have recently looked around my home and realized how many of candle related items I have. I went through a did a big clean out of a lot of that stuff for my own garage sale Goodwill donation. I really am trying to stay away from cluttering up my house with the same types of things again. But after studying it for awhile, I decided that I really liked it's unique shape and I could always put something else on it's base. Besides, it needed me. I heard it say my name when I walked past it it. Yeah. That's it.
Especially since it only cost me $.75.

I know, I know. I just went on and on about how I am trying to get away from candle holders. I couldn't help it on this one. It was too good to pass up. I found her at the bottom of a box completely covered in dust and cobwebs. But it's 2 feet tall. And solid wood. And from Pottery Barn. And completely gorgeous. And perfect for my master bathroom. And only $.75. I'M NOT KIDDING!! I seriously danced all the way down their driveway and nestled this little beauty in my backseat.

This organic-looking, stone urn? Adorable, isn't it? I plan on putting rolled up wash clothes in it and placing it next to my Pottery Barn beauty above. Wanna guess how much I paid fer this little container? Not a cent. Nothing, nada, ner' a thing! It was a free. I asked the lady how much she wanted for it and she just said to take it. I tried to pay her for it and she refused. Best deal of the day!

I am notorious for stopping by random yard and garage sales when I am supposed to be doing something else. About a month ago I came across this loverly table I had found at a yard sale on a Friday afternoon. I bought it for $30.00. A little steep, but I had talked her down from $50.00 and loved the woodwork, so I called Da Hubby to see if I could bring it home. He said yes, with a degree of irritation in his voice.

I tell you that story so that you will understand this one. This past Saturday before I left, Da Hubby made a point to tell me he didn't want any phone calls about anything expensive. In the spirit of saving money for Disney World, I agreed not to buy anything that was to much and went on my merry little way.

We both have been wanting an elliptical machine for a couple of years, but have never been able to find one we could afford. A lady was having a sale that pretty much included a gym full of exercise equipment. She lives in the swanky part of our little town and was having to change over her gym to a mother-in-laws wing to accommodate her ailing mother. She was selling her BRAND NEW elliptical machine for $65.00. I debated and debated calling Da Hubby but knew he would probably hang up on me if I did so I pass it by. (sniff, sniff)

Well, got home and was showing the dear hubs. all my goodies and mentioned the elliptical machine and how good I was at walking away from the deal.

Here's how the conversation went.

Me- "I found this sweet deal on a really great elliptical machine for $65.00. Oh, I wish we had the money. It was a steal!! Babe, you would have been so proud of me - I just walked away!"

Him - "Really? Why didn't you call me? You should have called me."

Oh.Yes.He.Did. I love my husband, but AAAAAARRRRRRGGGG!!! I shot him my best "we-are-going-to-talk-about-this-later-but-I-have-something-more-important-to-do-right-now" look, grabbed my keys, $65.00 that he was hiding somewhere, and RACED through the streets of our little town back to the ladies home. She was closed up and everything was put away.

I took a deep breath and marched up to her door, thinking that I couldn't believe how desperate and pathetic this was going to be. I rang the doorbell. I just knew it was gone. Slipped through my fingers. I was already telling myself the inches I could have lost if I just could have made that phone call to him earlier, would be forever there. No tight tummy. No firm tush. Just flab. Lots and lots of flab. Why? Because SOMEONE told me not to call.

But then I start to think to myself. AM I crazy? I am getting upset because I don't get to work out. What is wrong with me?!?!? This means I have a much better excuse for being squishy. If we get an elliptical machine, people are going to expect me to use it. And sweat. And be sore. Maybe this was a bad idea...

About the time I was about to turn and run back to my truck, chicky answers the door. She meets me around by her garage door. Fortunately/unfortunately, it was still their. So we are the proud owners of a new elliptical machine!

I am pretty pumped about it, though! Trying to do a little toning for the summer! Wanna look hot in my Mickey Mouse tee-shirt down at Disney!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so I am taking my Perri out early and start her training in garage sale etiquette. Should be fun! Looking forward to a day with her and hope to find some incredible deals!


me said...

hey girl! look at your bargains! i totally don't have the patience for garage sales, but look at you! by the way, your jobber is a cheese dish in case you really wanted to know. and, the elliptical is an amazing deal! why do men have to be so confusing??

jennifer said...

very nice work! i can't believe how CHEAP all that stuff was. that's awesome!

Cathy said...

Wow. I am in awe of your garage sale talents.