Monday, June 8, 2009

Question of the Day

Parental warning - Not appropriate for children's eyes. Wish this child's mother had the same sentiment.
Would you allow your 9 year old daughter wear this? (Yes, she's NINE.) Especially to a public CHILDREN"S sprinkler park? Hmm. Bet you don't have to ponder that one too long.

Honestly. Sometimes I wonder what parents are thinking. Wake up, folks!


me said...

SHUT UP!! i was going to say only in memphis, but i guess i should say only in collierville! was her mother one of the bikini glad sun worshippers sprawled out in her lawn chair? it's a sprinkler park for CHILDREN, people! i am ASTOUNDED!

Amy said...

That is just ridiculous and ewwww!!

Poor girl! My goodness... yikes!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

I know! I really was heartbroken and embarrassed for her. It's obvious she had self-image issues to begin with as she was wearing a cover-up while everyone else was running around in their bathing suits. But to make her "feel better" about her body image by dressing her up in a foul tee-shirt like this?!?!?! I think not.