Monday, May 11, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts

Hope all you mamas out there had a fabulous Mother's Day! My weekend was right nice, but soooo incredibly busy! We had much so to do. Lots of kewl stuff happened I thought I would share today. We had several "firsts" at the Balentine Kingdom that must be documented here and in the baby books. OK, maybe not the baby books, but EVERYTHING is blog worthy at our house. :)

First, Daylor is no longer in his booster seat. He is over the weight and age limit for needing one and had his first ride in the car sans the "baby seat" as he now calls it. Last week when he was sitting in it, it was a "booster seat". Now that we are ALL grown up, it officially has become a "baby seat". Mommy is sad but working through it. I suppose it would be unreasonable for me to ask him to ride in it until he was 21.

Then we ran to "the border" with the kids for the first time this week. They got their very first Taco Bell dinner. I know, we are bad parents for not taking them before now, but we have a VERY picky eater that rarely wants anything but McNasty's McDonald's. She actually decided that she wanted to try something different (with a little bribing) and went for a couple of crunchy tacos. You would have thought they were having a steak dinner - they LOVED it! Woo-Who - now we can go to two places! (Seriously, she is beyond picky, but that is a whole other post for another day.)

Speaking of steak dinner, the kids had their first steak dinner as well this week. (I know, how sad, we totally don't experiment much with food here - back to Miss Picky-Pants.) In efforts to expand the kids desire to eat a variety of food, we have a couple of kid cookbooks that we are letting one kid a week pick out something that they would like to fix. It was Daylor's week last week and he chose Teriyaki Steak Kabobs over Grilled Pineapple. Delish!! So good!

Daylor is totally open to eating just about anything. Literally, he will try anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. Including octopus. With tentacles. And a head attached. And eyes still looking at you. Not joking. Anything. Gag.

Anyway, the boys said they really liked the steak. Perri took a bite then threw up a little in her mouth...and everywhere else. I'm not sure, but I don't think she liked it. Oh well, back to McNasty's and P,B&J.

There is also one other thing that happened this weekend that concerns my Perri. She finally got over her fear of walking through the house at night to come and get us when she is scared. It has been raining almost solidly for two weeks here and there has been many thunderstorms. All of my kids have gone through a period a fear of thunder, but Perri has always dealt with it much differently then the boys ever did. She does something we call "boody bumping." It is a coping mechanism that she has had since birth. There is a long, long story behind this and again, it will be another post for another day, but the main point is she overcame her fear and came to get us instead of boody bumping.

She has NEVER come and gotten us for ANYTHING, even when she was sick, when she has accidents, when it was thundering, when hail made the house sound like it was caving in, when fireworks were going off, when she's thrown up in bed. Nothing. It has been a source of guilt for me not being there and not knowing when to be there for her. She simply coped the best and most quiet way she knew and would boody bump for hours. Completely heart breaking for Da Hubby and I. It also leads to severe follicle issues such as this:

FUNNY! But, nor fun to brush out. Especially when you have a tender head like she does.

Anyway, I can't tell you how HUGE this is. HUGE! We have been trying for years to help her move from the rocking and "bumping" to coming and telling us she is scared instead. For some reason she has never been able to voice that until now. We spent a good part of the night and most of the morning holding and loving on her. What a sweet and precious Mother's Day present that was.
So, I hope that your Mother's Day weekend was as fun and blessed as mine was!

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Amy said...

Awesome victory for your sweetie girl! that is huge huge!!! Yay, thankyou, Jesus for that! I can imagine the feeling you would have as the momma... my goodness! You always want your kid's to know that you are there, and when there is a misunderstanding and they don't understand that.. it breaks a momma's heart!

Sounds like your had a bunch of really neat presents that came in different forms! That so so fun!!