Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The BIG Reveal

Woo- Who!!! School is out for summer!

We normally have an open house every year for our families to come over and see all that the kidos are learning in that school year. The kids enjoy showing off all their work and art and we have such a great time! Usually we host the open house at Christmas time, but this year we had a very exciting surprise for the kids, so we decided it was best to have it at the end of our year.

We started out displaying all the kids work for the grandparents and family to see. Being that we are not in a "regular" schoolroom situation, it's such a good thing for them to be able to take pride in their work and be able to share it with other people.

We told the youngin's that we had planned a few games for them and started with the whole family participating in charades. THAT was fun. Here is a great shot of my brother, Brian, doing his best rendition of a monkey.

We then told the kids we were going to have a treasure hunt and handed them the following note:

All the clues had been printed out beforehand, put in envelopes, and hidden in various places.

Here is how it went.

Clue # 1 -

Sundae and Harmini have you first clue.

Go to their houses and find out what to do.

Clue #2 -

Congratulations, you've found you're first clue!

You'll need to go see Mrs. Lisa to find out next what to do!

Clue #3 -

Your journey has just begun!

Head back home and see Go-Go for more fun!

Clue #4 -

Now out you go into the backyard.

Check in Mr. Green Turtle. See? It's not hard!

Clue #5 -

Good job, our treasure hunters three!!

Time for clue number 6: Where would ice be?

Clue #6 -

BRRRRR! Thanks for saving me from the cold!

Now go open the dryer - Do what your told!

Clue #7 -

Go straight to your bathroom! I hope it's clean!

Check under the sink and look for something green!

Clue #8 -

Take this to Papaw and use it to buy your 9th clue.

You know how Papaw is. You may have to beg for a minute or two!

Clue #9 -

Instructions are held in Clue Number 10.

But you'll have to find it. It's somewhere in the den.

Clue # 10-

WOW! You guys have done great and you're almost done.
Go find an envelope on the trampoline, but be careful - Don't run!

Clue #11-
Mama and Daddy hold the 12th and final clue.
They will tell you what next you must do!

Clue #12 -
Congratulations!! Do you wonder what you've won?

Hasn't this been a boat load of fun?

Put the puzzle together and in one, two, and three

You'll know what the prize is in a quick jiffy!

So for the next 20 minutes the kids and grandparents all helped put the puzzle together. The end result was this. Perri guessed that it was a mouse, but everyone was wondering why there was a big piece in the middle that was missing.

I made them look all over for the missing piece, but finally confess that we had it the whole time. After torturing them for as long as I possible could, I then laid the final piece of the puzzle in front of them.

(Insert ear piercing screaming and jumping up and down as well as Duglin's remark of "Can we eat now?" here.

I also have made a countdown calendar for the trip! We have literally had this booked since February 2008 and it has been a miracle that they haven't found out! I feel like I can breathe now!

Hey, Mom! We're going to Disney World!!!!!!!!! Now you know our big secret, too!


momof2boys said...

This was the sweetest thing I seen in a while! You really captured the moments in the photos....none of you will ever forget it! I'm excited for all you too!


Amy said...

O my gosh!! Way over the top awesome and fun, Sonya!! What a way fun trip to look forward too!!! Awesome!

Loved all the pics, woman! They were just awesome! Felt like I was actually there ;)


Amy said...

oh oh and come over to my blog when you get a sec... I have somethin' for ya!

Hugs. Amy

me said...

how much fun!! wow! what a long time to keep such a secret!

jennifer said...

whoo hoo! that is the cutest thing ever. you did good, mom!

Cathy said...

How cool for them to be able to show off their work. I bet they were really excited about the vacation too.


Jennie said...

YEAH!! Major kudos on the scavenger hunt...and on keeping the secret for so long!! Over a year???!!!

What a totally fun day! And what a great vacation to look forward to! Can we come?? :-)