Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shopping! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Just a forewarning to the dudes who visit my site. Just go ahead, go turn the game on, and skip this post. I promise you'll be bored to tears. Go on, now. Ba-Bye!

OK, ladies, now that little piece of bid'ness is done, I just had to share a little something about myself. I A.D.O.R.E. shopping. (Maybe a little too much.) And not just shopping, but hunting, searching, and scavanging. For a deal. It totally rocks my world to pay a fraction of what something originally cost. Who need drugs when you can shop at the Target 75% off sale and get the same buzz! I must warn you and say it is VERY addicting so a little self control is needed for this activity. Oh, wow, I am getting woozy just thinking about it. Give me minute. Talk amongst yourselves..... (Deep steady breaths, now.) (Sigh.)

OK, I think I am better. Let's talk about this place for awhile, shall we? I heart Target! If all the stores of the world were to shut down and I had to chose just one to to bestow my patronage (and our paycheck) to, I would chose Target without even thinking about it.

I happened to be a the store a couple of weeks ago on the very day that Target went from 50% to 75% on their Christmas stuff. (O happy day!!) I very well could have gone nuts and bought the place out, but I behaved myself and only purchased a few things that I have had my eye on since the Christmas stuff came out in the beginning of October. Wanna see? OK!

I LOVED these birch-wrapped 18 and 24" trees, and they were sooooo overpriced at $29.99 and $24.99. Got 'um for $7.50 and $6.25. (Insert heart palpitations here.) I like them so much that I am keeping them up for awhile. (Yes, I am aware the holidays are now over - they aren't too terribly Christmas-y, are they?) I plan to paint them white and dust some sparkle on them for next year! Fun, fun, fun! So Be-u-ti-ful!

I also got this Fab-O wreathe. Now this I actually purchased at the 1/2 off sale because I figured they wouldn't make it to the 75%, and I was right. I usually buy a fresh wreathe for our front door, but their price keeps going up every year, and I don't have the patience to make one, so I decided to buy this beauty to put up for awhile. The question now is to bow or not to bow? What do you think?

These snowflakes were a steal for $.25 for a package of 4 small size or 2 large ones. I got tons of these in silver, white and gold for all kinds of projects next year! I am going to incorporate some of the sparkly (I've said before glitter makes me happy!) white ones in a banner and a wreathe I plan on doing for winter. I also am going to use some for my tree next year, as well as hang some in my windows and doorways. Won't they be cute on gifts, too? They are the perfect size and weight for crafts, so I am already brainstorming ideas for next year!

Because Daylor and Duglin love trains, we have always put a train in our front yard for Christmas. This year we had some fairly powerful winds that tore our current train right away from the stakes, so I happen to catch this cute train at Target on sale from $89.99 to $22.00. While I was in that department I also picked up a couple of the animated white deer for $6.00 a piece. For real!! $6.00!!

Have I ever mentioned I am a sucker for glitter? I got this cute little "Noel" sign for a dollar and these two glittered hangy-thingys at Hobby Lobby for $.75 a piece. Not sure what I am going to do with the Noel sign yet, but I do plan on replacing the red cheapy ribbon on the two white signs with something cute-r, and then hanging them off a couple of my kitchen cabinet pulls. I also got this beautiful gold, 12", three dimensional star to hang off the chandelier in our converted school room which used to be the dining room. It was $2.00. It's sparkly, too!! I forgot to get a picture of it before I packed it away. It is soo pretty, though! Am I overdoing the sparkly stuff?? Nah!

Here is a cute, three ringed, berry wrapped wreathe I found for $3.00. It about 14" long and I am thinking of hanging it off our back door.

The only bad thing about shopping after the season is you have to wait until next year to use what you got. That is unless you are the kind who likes to leave things up all year long just to irritate your neighbors. Fortunately, we happen to have amazing neighbors and want to stay on good terms, so I guess I will just have to wait until next Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I just zoomed to te comment section. I didn't really read this blog because you warned me not to.

Amber said...

Wow!! You got some GREAT deals! I love that wreath, and I love those trees! I need to head to Target to see if they have anything left here. I've been meaning to go for a few days to pick up some stuff that we actually NEED, but maybe I'll also get some things that I just WANT!

:) Thanks for sharing!