Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Love that Lasts for Eternity

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. That cry that sounded more like a the bleating of a sheep than that of a newborn baby. Little did we know that sweet, soft cry would develop into four months of demanding and shrill screams of a colicky baby. Exhausting days of constant crying does wear on a parent. I can look back at those four months now and smile.

After the colic subsided, a whole new lovable, joyful, and precious boy appeared in our home. Life truly hasn't been the same since. Fast forward almost seven years later and that boy continues to bring unimaginable laughter into our family.

Da Hubby and I joke about writing a book with the title of, "Things You Never Thought You Would Have to Say to Your Child." A few of those comments would be, "We do not lick our napkins," or, "Please do not brush the dog's teeth with your toothbrush." Then there's the infamous, "Honey, Legos do not belong in your bottom." Of course, this book would be solely dedicated to the receiver of most corrections such as this, our sweet boy, Duglin.

One thing Duglin has always been, however, is a lover. He loves everyone and everything. There are no conditions in his eyes. If you have a heartbeat and breathe, you are loved. I believe that is why his amazing decision to follow Christ this past week was a given for him.

He can't explain the Trinity with eloquence or define why God makes the decisions He does or give deep theological reasoning for pre-destination vs. not. But he knows with his child like faith that Jesus loves him and died because of it. To Duglin, that is more than enough. It should be for us, too.

As a Christ follower it's these moments that you pray for as you are rocking them to sleep as tiny infants. You stare into their beautiful, sweet faces and pray that they honor God with thier talents and their lives. I remember asking God prior to having kids not to give them to us unless they would become lovers of Him. I really wanted kids. But even more than that, I REALLY wanted kids who loved Jesus. I understood alot of that had to do with the way Da hubby and I would raised them, and we were and still are totally willing to do our part. We fail, however. ALOT. It is our desire to live what we believe, but we take no credit. It is all God's amazing grace.

As each of our children begins his/her journey with the hand of our Saviour in theirs, I can't help but to believe it's a promise fulfilled. I will continue to pray for them and the protection of their hearts as each of them learns to worship Him in their own personal way and chooses to follow a lovingly beat out path that their Father has portioned out for each of their lives.

A week ago Monday he sweetly and quietly asked Jesus to live in his heart. Tears of joy welled up in our eyes as he did. It was a precious moment. And, in Duglin fashion, he took a deep breath after his prayer and asked his daddy if he could go play Legos now. That's my boy!

Sunday after church, among dozens of friends and family he was baptised by his father. Da Hubby and I are so blessed to have two boys who have dedicated their lives to Christ. Perri is still young, but is so wonderful to see her eyes being turned from herself to a loving and passionate God. It's only a matter of time with her!

So, it has been very exciting week in the Balentine household! Thought you might like to celebrate with us and see the video of his baptism. Stick around long enought to watch him "swim" out of the baptistry. Enjoy!

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