Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas with the Cooties

Most of this year I have boasted in that fact that my family has remained healthy and hasn't seen the doctor in over a year. You all remember this post in which I had the flu and conjunctivitis. Little did we know from that point on we would be on a health roller-coaster ride. I think it's totally unfair that illness doesn't recognize holidays, don't you?!

We were all set to enjoy a fabulous Christmas break. Two Tuesday's prior to Christmas was our last day of homeschooling and we had some very busy schedules between Christmas parties, baking, church activities, and just Christmas itself. Perri had come home with a fever from church the Sunday before, but was feeling better. By that Wednesday Duglin was running a fever and was complaining of an achy ear. I knew Christmas was around the corner, so I immediately packed him up and took him to our fabulous pediatrician. He indeed had an ear infection (he has never had one before!) and was able to start antibiotics in time to ward it off before Christmas. Whew!

Two days later his ear was feeling better, but I noticed that he had some discharge in his eyes. I knew that symptom all too well. He picked up conjunctivitis at the doctors office. That's OK, I thought to myself. The doctor prescribed eye drops that seemed to be clearing things up quickly, so by Sunday we should be good to go! Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. I had to put my party hat away. We weren't done yet.

That Saturday, Daylor started complaining that he was feeling yucky and had a sore throat. We missed church in hopes he would feel better, but by Monday evening he too was complaining of a ear ache. Tuesday morning, the day before Christmas Eve we rush to the doctors office again to find Daylor has a full-blown ear infection (only the second he's ever had). I was not ready to give up though, knowing he had 24 hours for the antibiotic to start working on him, and Duglin's eyes were better. We very well had a chance of making it to Da Hubby's parent's house for Christmas with them and then to church where Da Hubby had to run sound and I was singing back-up during the Christmas Eve service. All was well and there was peace on earth once again.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we hopped out of bed the next morning and Da Hubby mentioned that he was feeling a bit under the weather, but felt like he would be OK for the day. I proceeded to go get the kids ready to go to their grandparent's house. It was Christmas Eve and the boys were feeling better! It was going to be fabulous day!!!! NOT.

I went to get Perri's clothes for her and noticed she was hiding in the boys room. I went to her and pushed the hair that was hanging in her beautiful little face behind her ear. I looked her in her big, sweet, blue eyes and saw it. Her right eye was swollen shut and red with the nasty discharge that comes along with the horrible and CONTAGIOUS eye ickiness called conjunctivitis. We tried so hard to keep the kids away from each other and used separate towels and sprayed everything multiple time with Lysol. There are just some things that are going to spread no matter what you do to prevent it.

We had to postpone Christmas eve with Da hubby's folks as not to share our yuckies with them. As the day went on she went downhill and by the time Da hubby and the boys left for the Christmas Eve service at the church she had 104 degree temperature and was miserable. I was soooo sad for her. We ended up snuggled on the couch and watch Enchanted together.

We then postponed Christmas day activities with my parents. Good thing Santa still comes when you are sick! Christmas Day itself was actually very sweet. The kids were still mellow from being sick, but it was nice being able to stay home, hang out in our Christmas pj's and just be with each other, and celebrate Jesus' birthday.

On Christmas, Da Hubby was putting on his game face but was steadily declining fast. We made it through the day OK and Perri was beginning to feel better, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Dewayne was so bad off he was condemned to the bed and I got the pleasure of sleeping on the couch. I was seriously beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get healthy again!

So, Christmas wasn't the huge success that I had envisioned with healthy kids ripping into presents and family gatherings galore, but it was definitely a time to recognize and remember why we celebrate. The day a tiny baby that came into the world in a most peculiar way. It was because of His overpowering love for us that He came. Illness or not, it's more than worth celebrating!

I am proud to say as we kick in the New Year, everyone is recuperating nicely. I did tear my foot open this morning on a couple of carpet nails that are exposed in my floor, but hey, at least no one is running a fever! Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

i hope he would feel better soon,
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Anonymous said...

Hate to hear about all the sickness. I know the feeling... I was in bed for FIVE FREALKIN' DAYS with the crud.