Friday, January 30, 2009

The Return of Friday Night Videos

Remember way back (don't hurt yourself) late on Friday nights as a teenager watching a show called "Friday Night Videos?" (Just letting you know you are totally dating yourself if you know what I am talking about!) Growing up my family never had cable so I never got to see the new phenomenon of music videos on MTV or VH1 unless it was Friday night at 11:00. Hangin' out at my friend's houses, dressed in leg warmers and "tight-rolled" jeans, with flammable hair teased up to the ceiling we would plop down in front of the tube and take in the likes of Ah-Ha, Glass Tiger, Duran-Duran, and Tears for Fears. It was a blast!

Friday nights have changed as I have grown up. I now spend most Friday nights hanging out on the computer reading blogs, catching up on email, and surfing one of my favoritist places, YouTube. I have found some sensational videos there and other places and so I decided to start my own version of Friday Night Videos and share my favorite video find of the week!

This is my choice for my first "show." I LOVED this video. It is totally artistic, creative, unique, and lovely in it's own way.

Enjoy and come check next week to see what else I have found!

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