Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everything I Wanted to Know About Myself I Learned on Facebook

First, let me say I TOTALLY caved and "did" Facebook. Yes, I'm ashamed. It's really all Sparrow's fault, however, because he tried French Fries and Frosty together on my behalf (which he wrongfully hated, BTW) and MADE me feel obligated and guilty because I wasn't giving FB a chance. Soooo, I, being the concerned and dedicated friend that I am, signed up begrudgingly to the world that is know as the Book of Faces.

I immediately (within seconds) began to receive "friend requests" and people began to randomly attacking me with goofy-looking pillows, as well as send me some strange looking creature name "Strawberrilious." There is also (my favorite) buttons called "flair" you can send to each other with relative messages and pictures on the them. I totally love those! Cowbells, rock!

I must say it is fun connecting with old high school buddies, college friends, and cousins I don't get to see very much. I have also noticed there are a few people who literally sit on FB ALL DAY (Sparrow)! It's is really this bizarre underworld and I have found it could become very addicting for those who have that type personality. (Noooo, not me!??!)

One thing that Facebook offers is about a million quizzes that tell you everything that you have ever wanted to know (or not) about yourself. I am amused with them! Who needs a therapist when you have Facebook?!?!?!

For those of you who do not know me, here is a brief description of myself (according to Facebook) - If I were a drink at Starbuck's, I would be a Hot Chocolate, whose love life resembles the 80's movie "Say Anything". My heart is the color of violet and I am most like the Disney Princess, Mulan and Finding Nemos controlling Father, Marlin. Monica from Friends is my role model and my IQ is over 140, yet I am not smarter than a fifth grader and I stink at history (Scored a 41% on American history - I'm scared for the kids - I homeschool!). My real name should be Amanda because I am naturally talented and people like me. I'm a "Hollywood Mom" in design, but my kids totally think I rock. My nickname should be Tom (!?!?!?) and I was born to be a doctor or a nurse whose life best resembles the Broadway musical "Phantom of the Opera." My biological age is 35, but my actual age is 31 and my favorite top to wear is a spaghetti-strap tank (Yeah! Maybe 15 years ago!). I am strangely normal and I have a uncanny desire to be the "center of attention."

Wow, now that you know me so well, we can be BFF's!!! And yes, I actually take back what I said about Facebook. It does have some value. How else would I find so many amazingly unimportant facts about myself?

Seriously, though. It is pretty kewl. I will not be repeating that and you can't prove I said it!! OK, so it's written right here, but...but...but...You don't know if it's me who said it or my alter ego, Monica from Friends!