Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Awwww" Moments in Life...

There is nothing more precious to me than when my kids are "sharing and caring" with each other. Da Hubby and I feel very blessed because my kids don't fuss at each other that much. Don't get me wrong, we do occasionally have times when War World III is on the verge of breaking out in our confines of our living room, but for the most part my kids get along really well.

Today I caught one of those "Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Feel Good" moments during school time between Duglin and Perri. Duglin was working on his math and had some serious coloring assignments he had to take care of. Perri, who is DYING to be in Kindergarten and can not understand why now that she has turned five she is still not starting until next year, was near by doing her own coloring thang. Duglin invited her over to his chair to help pick out colors for the critters he was filling in.
Hence, let the Cuteness Festivities begin!!

And as quickly as it started the moment was gone...but not forgotten...or undocumented!

They are so gosh-darn adorable I might just have to eat 'em!

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