Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Short and Sweets

Da Hubby came home on Monday after work with a haircut and meeting him at the door, the kidos immediately noticed. Here's how the conversation went:

Kids: "Daddy!! You got a haircut!!"

Da Hubby: "Yep."

Perri: "You look nice, Daddy."

Da Hubby: "Thanks, sweetie."

Duglin: "Looks good, Dad."

Da Hubby: "Thanks, Dugley."

Daylor: "Dad? What's that white stuff in your hair?"

Da Hubby: "That would be gray hair, son."

Daylor: "Oh, it looks weird."

Me: "Daylor!! That's rude!"

Daylor: "Uhhh, no, mom. What I meant is that his hair looks experienced and smart."



Amy said...

ha ha!!! Nice cover :)

me said...

ha! or was he saying it is weird that his daddy looks experienced and smart?!? he does look different, definitely more "smart and experienced."