Monday, July 6, 2009

Mimi's 'Stang

Wow! Three posts in a row! I told you I had some serious catching up to do. It's also 2:00 in the morning now, so what better thing to do with the quiet than blog! Why am I up so late? Here's a hint:

Meet the Bluebird twins. See their little, blue wing-feathers? Aren't they adorable!?! More about these little sweeties in a later post. Look away, Maribeth! Look away! (Like I told you in THIS post, critters have my address!)

Anyway, there is another new animal in our family! This time it ended up showing up in my mother & father-in-law's driveway. My MIL's new Mustang!

I absolutely love my in-laws! They are hilarious and totally unpredictable! My just barely over 5 foot, 60 something-ish ;) "Other-Mother" decided it was time to buy another car, but not just any car would do. It had to have a powerful engine. It had to ride like the wind. And it had to be RED.

She is so proud of her new baby (as I would be!). My boys think she hung the moon. After all, how many kids can say their grandmother has a red sports car, AND lets them sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive it, AND takes them for a spin whenever they want! Kewl grandma's rock! My kids are blessed to have two VERY kewl grandmothers!

You have to love a lady with a sense of humor!

What's REALLY wonderful about her is that she could truly care less about things money can buy. She likes her car, but she LOVES her family. Stuff is stuff to them - Love is #1 and I am grateful that not only she, but all of my kids grandparents are living examples of this quality. What a sweet legacy for my kids to see.

In the meantime, Mimi's Mighty Mustang is on the prowl! When your in town, if you hear the rumble of a Mustang's engine behind you, check your rear view mirror for a red one. If the driver is a senior lady who barely clears the dashboard, my advice to you would be pull out of the way. She fully intends to leave you in her dust! :)

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