Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote Prayerfully

So, in light of the upcoming elections, this will be my one political post I am going to do before this coming Tuesday. I just ask that you pray and seek wisdom from God over your choice for our next president. Morally, who is ready to make decisions that affect the God ordained sanctity of marriage and the life of the precious unborn? Who is ready to FIGHT to protect our country and support and honor those who are doing so now and have given their life to this cause? Financially, who has the skills and ability to say no to government dictation over your money? Who will appoint judges that uphold the values and character of those of forefathers?

Being so somber is not really in my personality type, but friends, this is dead serious. Truly, if you do not believe that your way of life is at stake in the after-effects of this election, you are deceived.

What to do? Just pray. Pray. Listen. And then vote.

Oh, and watch this: .

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