Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Those Little Things

Since Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow and I will be busy baking, cleaning, and planning my game for Black Friday from this point on, I thought I might do a Thanksgiving post a couple of days early. Of course, this time of year always brings the traditional gratitude for all the best things in life. My relationship with Jesus, my amazing family and friends, my home, church, and dinner on the table all are at the top of my "BIGGIE" list.

But, what about the things that never make it on "the list"? I always feel sorry for the stuff that tends to go unnoticed. Don't they deserve to be mentioned, too? So, my thankful list this year is dedicated to those things.

OK, here goes:

1. Mineral make-up. Great coverage for those less that perfect complexions like mine and it totally shaved 5 minutes of my make-up application time. No putting on foundation, blending it in, and then powder. Just slather this goo on and go! Great stuff!

2. A candy dish almost empty. Is your dish half full or half empty? At this house, I prefer the half empty kind because that means it's almost gone and there will be no more drive-by-nibblings on my part! Way to much temptation!

3. Fuzzy-wuzzy sockies. I live in these things in the winter time. I LOVE my 3 pairs of them. My dog, Sundae, has a fetish for them as well, so I have to protect them with my life. I could have a basket full of one hundred socks and she will search until she finds one of these beloved cozies and then hides it. (Notice that she didn't make on "the list" this year.)

4. A bloom on my orchid. Yes, I am serious! I have had this joker for over 2 years and it has yet to bloom. Finally, after all that time, I actually am seeing two little shoots that I am assuming (hoping, praying) are going to be flowers one day. (If you haven't figured it out by now, it doesn't take much to get me excited.)

5. Flowers from Da Hubby for no reason. I don't typically get flowers for my birthday or Valentine's Day. I get them for just because! And frequently! I LOVE that! It's one of the many reasons he's on my "BIGGIE" thankful list.

6. Adjustable waist pants for the kids. If you know me, you will also know I don't buy kids clothes that are new (usually). We shop at some amazing consignment sales in the area. I love when I find a nice pair of pants with these little babies in them - makes a pair of pants fit for a couple of years longer and saves $$$ in the long run! Also, when you are in a hurry to church because you are running late for rehearsal and just don't have time to put a belt on the boys, you have comfort in knowing that your beanpole shaped kids won't be mooning the congregation 'cuz their britches are falling down. :)

7. A locked door. If you have children you will understand the significance of this picture. Enough said.

7. Pajama day at Balentine Academy. There are lots of advantages to homeschooling and one of those is a rule that is strictly enforced once a week. All those attending and teaching school on that day must come to school in their PJ's. I am happy to report, we have had not problems with compliance in this area.

8. A 12 year old truck that is still running strong. OK, this one should be on my "BIGGIE" list, but I thought I would bring it up here, too. She may stink of old McDonald's french fries and she might not heat that great, but our 4-Runner, "Lefty", is celebrating her 12th birthday this year, and continues to faithfully serve my family everyday. She's brought home two out of my three babies from the hospital. In fact, she drove me while I was in active labor all the way to the hospital with a flat tire. She's carried home almost every Christmas tree Dewayne and I have had. She's purple, she's noisy, she pulls to the left so hard you have to use both hands to keep her on the road, and I love her.

10. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. I can not say enough about this thing. Takes any scratch, scuff, spot, rub, and mark off of pretty much anything. I once kicked the back door of my house with my boots on. (Yep, I kicked the door. Well, it deserved it! I was late for a doctor's appointment and the stupid thing wouldn't unlock! I know, totally mature way to handle the situation, wasn't it?) Anyway, I left this horrid, black scuff mark that would not come out. That is until Mr. Baldy took it out for me. That's when our love affair began. We have been together ever since.

11. At least one clean room after the kidos go to bed. Where's the picture? There isn't one. This rarely ever happens.

12. Lastly, my Daily Devotional Bible. I have enjoyed this Bible immensely this year. It is a read through the Bible in year type, and I LOVE the devotions written in it. It is written from a worship perspective and I have so enjoyed my times with Jesus in the morning this year.

That's about all that I have time for. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you take time to recognize the abundance of blessings (Big and small!) God has given to you, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Jennie said...

Fabulous post!!! I wish I'd read it earlier...I would have copied it for Thanksgiving! It may show up as the end of the year post!

I'm thankful for you and for the friendship that we have, just wish it had been more while we lived in the same town! Live and learn!

Love you!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

You are so funny!! I loved reading this!