Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time to play tag!

I've been "tagged" by Jennifer.

The rules go something like this:

1. Include a link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

So here goes, my "unspectacular" goofinessisms are as follows:

1. Hmm......., Umm........, Well........., Let me think....Ah! Ok, let me first say if you are grossed out easily you might want to skip #1 and head to #2. On the other hand, if you are a mommy (especially a mommy to boys) you will soooooo get this! I am a stickler for clean ears. Nothing irritates me more than seeing my children with what is commonly referred to in the Balentine household as "cheez-puffs," hanging around in my little ones ear canals. We have a weekly ear-check every Saturday night to make sure those little buggers are pulled out and ears are squeaky clean and ready for Sunday morning church.

Now before I get comments on how you should never put q-tips in the ear canal of anyone much less of a child, know that if it's "way down there" I just take them to my fabulous Ped. and let him do it.

Yeah, I know it's icky, but some one's gotta keep those ears clean, so they can hear me tell them to clean there room! Hmmm, their rooms are currently trashed. Wonder if I cleaned ears well enough last night. (Note to self - check ears in the morning before breakfast.)

2. I don't tan. I remember when I came to this sad realization when I was 16. I've always had fair skin. Even when I thought I was tan, I still was pasty, ghostly white. I lay out, I burn, I peel, I look spotted and then the nasty cycle starts all over again. Mom used to encourage me back then by saying it was "peaches and cream" colored.

ANYWHO, I was coming out of my junior year in high school and was determined to make an amazing impression my senior year. I decided it would be a great idea to lay out everyday in the summer so that in August, when school started back up, I would be the Golden-Brown Goddess of ECS! God has a funny way of humbling us when we carry higher opinions of ourselves than we should.

I had once heard that if you rub butter on yourself when you "lay-out" you would get this amazing tan that would last for weeks. I don't think I have to finish the story for you to imagine the outcome. Needless to say after weeks of peeling and multiple bottles of aloe-vera I arrived to school paler than ever and somewhat spotted from the schluffing. Sooo, I gave up trying to be a sun-kissed blonde and now am content with my "Pimples, um, I mean, Peaches and Cream" complexion.

3. There are certain things in life that just go together. Salt and pepper. Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire. Hot summer days and a cold glass of lemonade. Perri and Bows. And close to the top of the list for me would be Frostys and french fries. Can't have one without the other...has to be both! And not separately, but dipped in each other. I've been doing that before it became somewhat acceptable, so, I'm tellin' ya if you haven't tried it, stop right now, take a trip to Wendy's, then come back and read the rest! YUMMYLICIOUS!

4. I have weird fear of heights, mainly open air heights. Like, I have no problem going to a high-rise building and looking out a window. No biggie. Balconies, say past the 6th floor, however, give me hives. And -don't--even---get---- me----started----- on----- Ferris (starting-to-hyper-ventilate) wheels (breathe 2,3,4, breathe 2,3,4, inhale, exhale)
.....must...move..on....turning purple....

5. So here's one thing that most people might be astonished over! I am a slammin' belcher! (probably not something everyone would be so proud to announce) but, I gotta say I've got skills in the art! I won't do it in front of just anyone, only those who promised to be my BFF and ever. Seriously, it's impressive.

6. And lastly, I don't get "Facebook" and I don't understand "texting". I mean, really, what's the point of either???? Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but can't you just pick-up the phone and do the same in less time? I personally think it's just two more methods of depersonalizing and avoiding contact with each other, but that's just me. I have friends who are dating on Facebook!
PA-LEASE!!!!! Come on, someone enlighten me here!!

OK, now I get to bestow this lovely effort on a few on my buddies and hereby officially "tag" the following people (Sorry - I don't know that many bloggers, so I only have a few)

I choose:


Tag! You're it!


jennifer said...

i'm super-excited to hear about your hidden talent (a.k.a. belching). that's so funny!

Anonymous said...

Okay. So, I posted my 6. And they live up to the subject... unremarkable. (I WILL get even for this.....)

Anonymous said...

Now, the case for Facebook...

Yes, the telephone is a much more personable way to communicate. That I will admit. But you wanna know how many people from Memphis have called me since I've moved to Sarasota? 1. (Now, that could also be more of a reflection on ME, I realize.....)

Facebook allows me to keep up with people a long ways away when I am able and when they are able. Little "snippettes", you might say.

(By the way, this is not a "rebuke", although it might sound that way. I don't have any bad feelings about people not calling. Everyone's busy and life has gotten MORE complicated, not less. That's why I'm actually greatful for things like Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, etc.)

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

People who DATE via Facebook, MySpace, etc. definitely DO need a life!

Jennie said...

I've posted my six things. I've totally enjoyed reading yours!