Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting to know me?

Welp, I gave in. I tried to fight it. I must say I gave it a valiant effort, but I am so intrigued by the idea of blogging that I am going to try it for awhile. Probably I will get out one post on a month, but hey, it's something. So here very first post!

A few factoids about me:
  • I'm married to the most caring and wonderful husband in da whole wide world. (Almost 14 years married and 17 years together!)
  • We have three extraordinarily beautiful and precious kidos (sorry- can't help but to brag just a little) - Daylor 8, Duglin 6, and Perri 4 - all of which are homeschooled.
  • My absolute PASSION is worshipping my CREATOR! HE is SO good!
  • I love all animals, but especially my dogs, Harmini and Sundae.
  • I express myself best when I am singing.
  • I have the most amazing family and friends.

So, I look forward to sharing what's going on in my life with you. I would love to know what is going on with you as well! Hopefully, I will remember to keep up with it! Talk to you soon...


jennifer said...

hooray! way to finally give in to peer pressure! nicely done, my friend!

Daphne Kirk said...

wow - another amazing photo! Thanks for adding us - we all enjoyed reading. Hope to see you all soon. Love from us all to all of you.

Jodie said...

Welcome to the blog world! Yea! I look forward to reading more :)

Anonymous said...

It's about time!!!! I figured, if ANYBODY should be blogging, it should be you.

It's gonna be great keeping up with you guys (we miss you... LOTS!).

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, did you know that your blog's heading has been my life verse since I was about 12 years old?