Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summertime...Parting with Such Sweet Sorrow

Where did it go? Our summer just flew by this year. We kicked off our break with the great Disney World reveal, and I assumed the time would creep by in anticipation of the trip. But I was SOOOO wrong!

I made a poor judgement call last summer in thinking that summertime was the perfect time to clean up and "catch up" (whatever that is) on getting my house in order. Can I say that it was the most boring and miserable summer I have ever had?! I totally had my priorities all screwed up and decided that this summer the kids and I were just going to have fun. And we did!! So much in fun, in fact, that I have gotten WAY behind in my blogging.

In order to catch up, I am creating one great big, huge post and cram some of the highlights of our summer. So without much further ado? A due? Adou? Whatever. Here is the most random post in the history of Balentine Bliss. (Which, BTW, is celebrating it's one year anniversary this month! Yay, me!)

So, this summer we went to the dog park with the puppies and the parents,

Visited some of our relatives in NashVegas,

Had one storm that had hurricane force winds and another that dropped a twister a few miles away from our home,

Grew and ate bunches and bunches of this stuff,

Played for hours & hours in the backyard,

Rescued and watched these little guys grow up then subsequently learn to fly away,

Had a long and fun (and exhausting) week at VBS,

Went to the sprinkler park several times,

Had a fabulous 4th,

Picked, pealed, and froze about a million peaches,

Did some serious swimming,

And first handedly (yes, I know it's not a word) learned the definition of "belly-flopping,"

Got a not so extreme make-over,



Visited our downtown "Riverwalk,"

And rode the trollies,

Hung out at the bird exhibit at our fantastic zoo,

Had some family worship time,

And spent the whole summer just being together, loving each other, and having a wonderful time.

We started school yesterday and now have only 30 days until DISNEY!! If the time goes anything like this summer's did, it will be here in a jiffy!


Amy said...

Waaaaay fun fun Summer!! Loved all the pics.. my favorite!

countdown has officially begun when the calender turns to just 30 days... serious countdown! That is going to be SO fun!

Hugs... Amy

Cathy said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun. We had our own fun in our own sort of way, but I am feeling ready for structure. Neat...your birds lived??? Were they tame after they could fly? Do they come back at all?